JAMB 2019 Statistics: Many candidates that applied for admission in a particular institution are fond of asking to know the number of persons that applied for the same course with them in the same institution.

Number of people that applied for the same course

If you’re among these sets of candidates who want to know the number of candidates that applied for the same course with you in the same institution then this page is for you.

In your race to gain admission in 2019, one important question that begins to ring on your mind is how many persons applied to study the same course with me and in the same University for Jamb 2019?

Have you ever asked the above question, then you are not alone?. Many other Jamb candidates are also eager to know how many people are competing with them in their Universities/Polytechnics of choice and Course of Study.

The most asked questions are:

  • How many people applied to Study Medicine my university of Uyo, Unilag, Uniport, Uniabuja, Unical, UI,
  • How many people’s applied for Law, Engineering, Accounting, Pharmacy, Business Administration, etc in the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), UNIBEN, UNICAL, UNIABUJA, ABU ZARIA, UNIPORT UNILAG, LASU, UI, OAU, AAU, DELSU, and so on…?
  • What is the general performance in Jamb 2019 UTME in various Universities and Polytechnics?
  • Can someone with a low JAMB score like 120, 150, 180, 190 gain admission this year?

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I will try as much as possible to clear your doubt…in the above questions.

How can I know the number of Persons that applied to the same school with me in Jamb 2019?

Since the recent Jamb CBT Update, it has been very difficult to answer this question very accurately.

Before now, Jamb used to gives official statistics of candidates that applied for a particular course in a particular institution after results are released. This helps candidates to know the number of persons they are competing with. Now, things have changed. Jamb doesn’t do not make these statistics public anymore.

So, how then do I know the number of persons that applied to the same course with me in the same University? The ways you can know these are:

1. By your school announcing the number of candidates and the course, they applied to study.

2. By Jamb releasing the official list of schools, the number of candidates who applied to study there and population per course.

3. By Using the school’s past record to predict the number of persons that applied to study the same course with you.

4. The nature of the course can boldly tell you how many persons would apply. For example, over 10,000 candidates apply for Law in Uniuyo, Uniport, Unilorin, Uniben, Unilag etc yearly.

Talking about courses of Study, we know that courses Like Medicine, Pharmacy, Law, Accounting, Engineering, Business Administration are very competitive in all Universities across Nigeria.

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Considering Schools, the top Federal Universities in Nigeria are always the most competitive in terms of admission, followed by other federal Universities and State Universities and polytechnics. As usual, private schools are usually the least competitive.

How Candidates Perform in Jamb 2019 Results

In 2018, the general performance of candidates in JAMB wasn’t really cool. Although, some candidates passed while many others failed. Those with a low Jamb scored were far more than those who scored high. You are really not alone if you scored low. Jamb 2019 may not be far from that… With every passing year, students are getting more lazier.

Which School Can I gain Admission With a Low JAMB Score

If you have a very low JAMB score or you did not perform very well in the 2019 JAMB RESULTS, I want you to know that it is not the end of life for you. You can still secure admission into good universities and polytechnics around.

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I believe this article was helpful to you, don’t just read it alone share this good news with friends… All the best!

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