JAMB 2020 admission process is almost getting to an end. Soon the Registration for JAMB 2019 would soon commence. If I may ask you;

How prepared are you for JAMB 2020 Examination?

It of no doubt that your success in any test/examination depends on your level of preparation. Early preparation will help you scored high in JAMB 2020. So, if you want to score 250 and above in JAMB 2020, you have to start now and prepared for it.

How to Prepare for JAMB

Just as the title of this post implies, scoring 250 and above in JAMB 2019 is not as hard as you may be thinking. All you need is the right information, and that is what this page will provide you.

How to Score 250 and above in JAMB 2020

Many candidates enrolling for JAMB usually faced the fear of failure. The fear of failure predicts their result even before they register for it.

Some students think it is impossible to score 250 and above in JAMB test. But let me tell you there’s nothing that is impossible. That word “Impossible” is a useless concept in this universe.

Some think that some were born to be intelligent or extraordinary. No one is special. We don’t have anything like smart people; we only have men and women of knowledge. Anyone can be a success and achieve anything. Below are six keys that will help you to score 250 and above in JAMB 2020

1. Identify The Subjects You Have Passion For

What subjects can you study with ease, what topics do you read with quick understanding, determine the subjects you are good. I discover that most candidates write the subjects they have been struggling to pass in their high school days and then in the aftermath results in failure. For example, I love Maths, Physics, Geography. These subjects I study with ease and understand them in little or no time. So ask yourself or reflect back when you were in school what were your best subjects. Choose your best subjects and concentrate more on it.

2. Find Out The Course That Those Subjects Can Get You

After you have identified the subjects, you are good at check JAMB 2020 brochure for courses those subjects can get you. Pick the one you feel you can do well in it.

For example, my favourite subjects Maths, physics, geography with the compulsory English can be used to study architecture, Estate management, so I pick Architecture because I have a passion for it and I can do well in it. You should do this too.

Don’t allow people dictate your course of study otherwise; you might be doom for it. Everyone can not read medicine, nor pharmacy nor be an engineer. Go for a course you love and have a passion for, and you won’t have to work too hard to be successful. Go for your passion and forget discrimination.

3. Create A Study Timetable

There’s order even in heaven. Don’t live a chaotic life by exploring haphazardly as that could lead to failure. Draw a schedule and stick to it. Let there be an equal distribution of study time for all subjects. A well-organized timetable will help you get serious about your preparation for JAMB 2018. Plan and organise your study time. It is the one vital key that will help you study effectively for any Examination apart from JAMB 2018.

4. Study The Simpler Topics First

Don’t start your preparation and studying with difficult subjects as that will kill your interest and frustrates you. We, humans, tend to get frustrated and lose interest when we don’t understand something or a particular topic. Study the simpler topics first, when you understand the molehill you can comprehend the mountain with time.

Your confidence and courage will rise when you study simpler topics. I was never taught calculus in school but because I was good on simple topics like indices I summed up the courage one day and taught myself calculus and today I can tell you that calculus is my friend.

5. Buy JAMB Past Questions & Solve It

There is no better way to familiarise yourself with particular examination settings than to get the past question and solve it. In fact, solving past question comfortably would give you confident of passing the main exam.

Get yourself JAMB past questions to get familiar with how the questions are sets. Each time you study a particular topic, make sure you balance it by answering questions based on the topic you have studied.

Don’t learn Newton laws of motion and in the past questions you are solving Electromagnetic Induction you will be frustrated and lose interest. So each topic you have studied work it on the past questions. Solve like ten years backward.

6. Make God The Centre Of Your Life

It is appalling how people want to achieve success and leave God out of the equation. That is a colossal mistake to avoid it. Let God guide you, let Him be your direction on every turn, let God be your anchor after the storm. Let God be the foundation on which you stand, the centre (focus point) of your life. And you will never know failure. All those who were foolish enough to follow Him never knew failures in their lifetime. You won’t be the first.

I scored 270 by applying these principle’s so is the person who scored 315, and the one with 296. Let me conclude here with a challenge, if you don’t beat our records, you have not succeeded. If you don’t beat the records of your parents, you’ve not succeeded. If you don’t beat the record in your field, you have not succeeded.

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  1. Amazing and Motivating write up on Jamb examination. This article is really hope giving and assures success if applied well. Thanks alot for providing a motivational article on Jamb. I pray it helps us all

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