Can I score 350+ in JAMB 2018 using JAMB Expo?. You ask a very good question, now read on to find the answer.

Jamb expo

The answer is a capital NO!. There is no way you can pass JAMB 2018 with JAMB Expo or JAMB Runs. These things do not work anymore. Gone are the days where you can pay money to someone and the person will text answers of your JAMB Questions to you in the Examination hall and you will just shade and score very high.

In the settings of JAMB UTME Examination these days, there is no way you can use JAMB Expo or JAMB runs to score up to 350 and above. You will simply fail. Since the introduction of CBT kind of examination by JAMB, it has been very difficult for candidates to do JAMB expo and expect to pass the examination. If you do JAMB Expo, is either your JAMB Result will not be released or you will fail the Examination woefully. The question now comes; how can I pass JAMB UTME examination without doing JAMB expo and runs.

How to pass JAMB UTME without JAMB Expo and JAMB Runs

The only way you can pass JAMB very well or score 350+ in JAMB examination without doing JAMB expo is for you to sit down and study your books effectively. Don’t rely on JAMB Expo, it will fail you and you will not be able to pass the examination with it.

Get the JAMB CBT practice app. Learn how to manage your time in the examination hall. Assume that you’re in the Examination hall, set a time for yourself and answer questions in your subject combination. When you practice and get yourself familiarize with this, you will be able to answer questions as fast as possible in the examination hall. There is a saying that always says that Practice makes perfect. Don’t go into the examination hall without proper practice. By proper practice, I mean training yourself on how to answers questions very fast correctly. This will go a long way to help you pass your JAMB Examination very well.

Everybody aims to pass JAMB UTME Examination with a very high score but it not everyone that actually achieve this in the end when the result is out. The reason is that some of this persons relied on JAMB expo or JAMB runs to pass the examination. They’re not ready to put in the hard work by sitting down to study and prepare effectively for the Examination.

If you rely on JAMB expo to pass your JAMB UTME examination, I’m very sorry it will disappoint you.

Bottom line: Don’t rely on passing JAMB UTME Examination with JAMB Expo or JAMB runs ” It will fail you”. Sit down and do the needful. Study and prepare effectively and passing JAMB UTME Examination without JAMB expo will be a thing of the past for you. Don’t let anyone deceive you that he can provide you with answers to your Jamb questions before the examination. They’re all scammers and are only after your little money. Be warned don’t let anyone rob you of your hard earned money!. Wish you all a good JAMB Results.

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