There are so many reasons why a student should save money for textbooks. These days the price of achieving a Bachelor’s degree has escalated more than the usual amount. Now a lot of Parents have to cough out more money for their Children’s fee and even textbooks.

Money for textbook

Many Universities students are under pressure to have a very high CGPA. Doing this alone has to do with getting the right textbooks for their various courses. Most students don’t have time to take on another job in order to make extra cash for their expenses. This article will help guide you on ways in which you can save money for your university textbook.

20 ways of saving money for textbooks

1. Renting your textbooks, or buy secondhand ones

Academy textbooks are very expensive. On top of tuition and accommodation fee. This can be too way high for a student to afford. To resolve this problem, many local stationeries have three types of the same textbooks: new, secondhand, and rentals. Purchasing secondhand or rental textbooks can save students a great amount of money.

The difference between of buying new textbooks is the quality. The textbook content is the same, the covers are just to some extent worn down in a used book. The textbook cover doesn’t matter, but the content inside does. Some Lecturers even permit students to buy earlier editions of a textbook because it is affordable. This can help you save more money for textbooks.

2. Cooking your food

Your parents have taught you some culinary skills. You can cook your food yourself instead of eating outside because it’s expensive. There’s no need to make that trip to an eatery when you can just prepare your meal at home.

Preparing your own meal is cheaper, healthier, and creates a healthy lifestyle for you now, and in the future. If you’re saying to yourself that you can’t cook or you are too busy, then you are wrong. The time you would spend to buy food at an eatery, and come back. It is advisable to use that same amount of time to cook a Wells balanced meal for yourself. Everyone can learn how to cook, as long as they have the will to learn. This can make you have enough money to get your textbooks

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3. Sell your unwanted clothes

Some Students buy something to use for just one occasion, and after that, they don’t use them. This happens to a lot of Students at one point or another. Thankfully, there are E-Commerce apps that will allow you to sell your clothing to other people. This is a great way to earn back some profits. E-Commerce Apps such as OLX, Jumia, and Konga are there to help you sell your wanted accessories and clothes in order to get your textbooks.

4. Take surveys

There are survey sites that are ready to pay for taking a survey. You can make some extra cash for yourself in your comfort zone. There are Companies that usually need consumer opinions in order to make changes to their product and make it better.

All you need is to find survey sites that will pay a mouthwatering amount for each survey you complete. In order to make a good income, students must do an investigation on which survey sites pay the quickest money and it is easier to learn. This is another way of having more cash to buy textbooks.

5. Food delivery

If you find yourself having too much free time, you can sign up for delivery services so that you can make a little money in your spare time. Although this is a technical job, you can do it whenever you feel like. Companies need people that are ready to deliver it to them. That’s where our services come in. You don’t have to work all round the clock and you will still have more time for your studies and your textbooks.

6. Creating budget

One of the efficient ways to save money is by having a budget. This helps in reducing cost and also caution your spending habits. In the Western Worlds, Most Banking sectors let you look at your expenditure trends online.

Some of these tools allow you to set budgets within categories so you can see where you spend the most. Budgeting can help you save a lot of money for textbooks.

7. Take advantage of campus shows

There are so many campus organizations students can check them out again. Free food is the way to get free access to other broke college student’s hearts. Other campus events offer free food as well to get people to their shows. This is a great way to get a free meal. Campuses usually have events that give away free school clothing and accessories like hoodies, notebooks, and water bottles. By attending this, more money is being saved for textbooks.

8. Local deals from the cafeteria

Some cafeterias in campuses offer college student discounts when you show them student’s I.D card. They do this to attract more students to their establishment. Every college student should take advantage of the wonderful opportunity. By partaking in these sales, students can save about 50% on their purchase, an amazing deal for the price.

9. Cash Back

You can receive cash back for every item you purchase. Where you are paid to shop, and these can add up to a lot of money to your saving. There are a lot of websites and apps that will let you do this, there are several opportunities for you to save money. This money saved is being added to your account and you will have the option to receive it as cash back to get more textbooks.

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10. On campus lessons

Some of these studies recompense students, as well as given them class credit. These studies can be very short such as few hours, or a few weeks. The pay depends on the length of the study. The more you participate, the more money you will receive.

11. Fiverr

This is a website for people that are creative or have a craft. Anyone with crafts can sell them here. It reaches a larger crowd; all you have to do is look for people that will need to purchase your crafts. This is another way to make additional cash, but also another skill you can put on your working resume. This is a cool way to cash for your textbooks.

12. Unique Talents

Another way students on Campus can make additional money is by putting their talents to use. People can get artistic in other ways besides making crafts. If you are good at something but aren’t exactly an expert, you can charge people for your services at a discounted rate such as barbing, photography, video editing and baking etc.

13. Scholarships

Scholarships are typically essays, but there are other ways to obtain money. People can make a videotape, art pieces, marketing plans, and even just submit a resume. There are even grants that have you submit essays that you have written in your earlier classes, so it’s no work at all.

14. Couponing

An overall rule that can help students save money is that you should not buy something unless it is on sale, or you have a coupon. By implementing this mindset, people will not make impulsive purchases as much, therefore saving money.

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15. Note Taking

You can also make money from selling notes. If you are the type of student that likes taking notes, people will pay you for them. Listening and taking notes in class is a skill because it is hard for some people. Because of this, there is a need for class notes. This will offer you extra cash for textbooks for doing something that you were already doing.

16. Concerts & Events

When you choose not to attend an event, you might as well be saving money for textbooks. This applies to hanging out with friends where you spend unnecessary money on drinks. At the end of the day, you should have a rethink about what matters more.

17. Resale of Tickets

By buying tickets to an event early when the prices are low, then selling them to other people when the ticket price becomes very high. You can resell your ticket that you have bought for a higher amount than what you got it for. When you do this, you make your money with some extra cash for yourself. There are Students that make a ton of money doing this on campus to get textbooks.

18. Recycling

Yes, that empty water container can still be put into use. Being hydrated is very important, many campus students buy bottled water every time. They can take the empty containers to companies that need them for recycling. They are being paid for their services and they make use of this money for textbooks.

19.Usage of Piggybank

Gathering your little change and keeping it in some places can make a large amount of money. With the money you’ve collected, you can do many things with them. The little money you have stored can get you some additional textbooks.

20.Driving for Uber

If you can drive very well and you have your driving license. You can register with Uber and be their driver. They pay you for services. Then this money required can be used to get your textbooks.

Aside from the above-listed ideas helping you save money for buying textbooks, it would also go a long way to help you become financially stable.

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