It is very simple to pick up your book and start studying. Studying it for long hours is a little bit difficult. But, to study long for hours without losing focus or concentration? That is where the big problem lies.

Tips to study for long hours without loosing concentration
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This has been a serious challenge for many students and even the working class guys. Some persons go as far as taking all sort of drugs just to study for a long time without sleeping off or getting tired. Most times, these drugs exacerbate the issue rather than ameliorating it.

It is no news that many students cannot study up to two hours at a go. Some lose concentration after 40 minutes of study.

The effect of the above mentioned challenges is the continuous increase in the failure rate of students in both internal and external examinations. This is a major cause for alarm and requires urgent attention.

The quest for solution has further generated both philosophical and analytical questions.

Some of the questions I am bombarded with daily by students with regard to studying for long hours are:

  • How can I study for a long time?
  • I lose concentration a few minutes into a study, is it normal?
  • How can I combine academic with my work?
  • How to do I study late at night without sleeping?
  • I am preparing for exams but sleep is really distracting me.
  • How do I study to pass Waec and Jamb?
  • Why do I always feel like sleeping of while studying?
  • How do I remember everything I read.

Wondering if this article can solve your problem? I think so. But, you must understand that you cannot get help until you take steps.

Success requires some process. With constant and conscious effort, studying for long hours and without loosing concentration won’t be a problem to you anymore.

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The question now is, “how do I study for long, and how do I study for long without losing focus”? It is very simple. Well, this article will try as much as possible to tackle this question. All you need do is take a class of water and continue reading to the end.

10 Best Tips To Study For Long Hours And Pass Your Exams

10. Relax First:

To study when you are stressed out is the beginning of casualty. Take time to rest and regain some level of energy before you stylishly go into another serious mental process. There is no way you can concentrate or study for long hours when you are tired. Rest is important. If you do not relax, you will collapse. Rest first!

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9. Eat Good Diet

A hungry man will definitely get angry. You need a simple diet before embarking on the journey of serious study.

In fact, hunger is a major factor that makes every course boring. Even the pen you are using becomes boring to you as well. Just try to eat something light before study. OK?

8. Create A Reading Map

Map out the areas you wish to cover for that day. Say to yourself, “I must finish this part before I stop”. Setting goals increase your study rate by ten fold (It is a rocket loader).

7. Choose A Niche

Don’t be told. Choose the environment best conducive for you. It might be in your room, in the library or at the market. Just make sure you are ok with it.

6. Encourage the subject

When the subject or course is boring, there is chance that you cannot study it for long hours. But there are ways you can make the course interesting. There are ways you can actually make boring course interesting; some of the ways are:

  • Looking for the interesting part in the subject no matter how little it may be.
  • Taking short breaks and coming back to continue the topic fresh.
  • Using simple memory games (mnemonic devices) to remember difficult parts of the course.
  • Study the course with a friend.
  • Create a group chat to discuss the subject.

5. Be Totally Engaged

Nothing makes you study for long hours like engagement. As much as you can, pay serious attention to what you are reading. Try to keep yourself engaged by jotting down points, explaining the subject to yourself, Solving problems and saying no to external distractions for a while.

4. Entertain Yourself

When it seems you are about to sleep off or the course seems boring again, entertain yourself in any of the following ways:

  • Reply your messages.
  • Play your favorite song
  • Quickly play game.
  • Watch a short video/movie

Then, go back to work. This strategy works wonders. Of course you know all work without place make Jack a dull boy. So take a break and do other fun things.

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3. Group Study

Studying in a group not only make you remember 80% of everything you read, but also makes you read for a longer time. This is because when you are studying with a group of students who are very serious with their studies, there is 99% chance that you will also be serious.

2. Switch Location

Walking around even as you study can put distractions aside and make you study for a very long time. Try this and let me know if it works for you…

1. Forget the Heart-Break

If someone broke your heart or you have any other thing bordering you, make you put them aside and focus on your study. Thinking about the events that occurred will really make you lose concentration. After studies, you can go back to that.


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