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The West African Examination Council (WAEC) is an Examination board that conducts the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) that is required for Admission into any higher institution in Nigeria.

This means that before you’re been considered for admission in any higher institution in Nigeria, you need to have at least 5 credit pass in the related subject to the course you wish to study (Including Mathematics and English). In that case, it is very important that you take your WAEC Examination very serious and practice ahead of time so that you can be able to pass well.

According to the 2019 WAEC Timetable, the SSCE WAEC 2019 Government paper 1 & 2 (objectives and Essay) Examination is scheduled to hold as follows:

Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Government 2 (Essay) – 09:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Government 1 (Objective) – 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

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WAEC 2019 Government Objectives (OBJ) Questions And Answers

A government performs the following functions EXCEPT

A. Safeguarding life and property
B. Maintaining law and order
C. Providing all the needs of its citizens
D. Providing basic welfare needs

Answer: C

The basic purpose of the setting up a state is to

A. Maintain law and order
B. Protect foreign interest
C. Promote development
D. Provide social facilities

Answer: A

A political system in which the government controls every aspect of a citizen’s life is

A. Feudalism
B. Monarchy
C. Democracy
D. Totalitarianism

Answer: D

A political system in which the state owns and controls the major means of production is known as

A. Feudalism
B. Socialism
C. Fascism
D. Capitalism

Answer: B

Communist governments aim at distributing goods and services according to

A. Gender and class
B. Loyalty to the party
C. Need and ability
D. Work and residence

Answer: C

The theory of separation of powers is associated with

A. Jean Bodin
B. Baron de Montesquieu
C. A.V.Dicey
D. J.J. Rousseau

Answer: B

The process of taking part in the selection of leaders in a country is political

A. Socialization
B. Participation
C. Interaction
D. Culture

Answer: B

By comparism, a state is

A. Less permanent than a government
B. More permanent than a government
C. More changeable than a government
D. Equally permanent with a government

Answer: B

In modern democracies, a government is

A. a contract between the rulers and the ruled
B. a preserve of the political party in power
C. Monopoly of the ethnic groups in the majority
D. Alternation of power between the majority and minority tribes

Answer: D

Rule of law can be limited by

A. Power
B. State of emergency
C. Legitimacy
D. Checks and balances

Answer: B

The principle of separation of powers becomes meaningful when it is linked with the concept of

A. The certainty of the law
B. Checks and balances
C. Legality of the law
D. Judicial independence

Answer: B

Which of the following factors does not militate against the representative government in West Africa

A. Electoral irregularities
B. Coup détat
C. Gagged Media
D. Universal adult suffrage

Answer: D

Those who believe in democracy and good governance are opposed to a single party system because it

A. Encourages weak leadership
B. Does not ensure national unity
C. Curtails personal liberty
D. Encourages divisiveness

Answer: A

The fundamental law of a country refers to its

A. Acts of parliament
B. Conventions
C. Constitution
D. Judicial precedence

Answer: C

A country’s constitution could be derived from the following sources EXCEPT

A. Judicial precedents
B. Customary sources
C. Statutory sources
D. Party manifesto

Answer: D

Planning and formulation of government policies are first initiated at

A. Cabinet meetings
B. Media houses
C. Political rallies
D. Open forum

Answer: A

Which of the following is the primary function of parliament

A. Impeachment of the president
B. Making of laws
C. Ratifying international treaties
D. Acting as an electoral college

Answer: B

Judicial review is a mechanism for checking

A. Arbitrary use of power
B. Irresponsible journalism
C. Electoral malpractices
D. Military adventures

Answer: A

In a parliamentary system of government, the legislature and executive are fused to ensure

A. Supremacy of the ruling party in administering the state
B. Smoothness in the administration of the state
C. The constitution is read in parliament at all times
D. The judiciary consults parliament before ruling on cases

Answer: A

A country with homogeneous socities and a small population is suitable for establishment of

A. a nation state
B. a unitary state
C. a federal state
D. an autonomous state

Answer: B

Which of the following factors usually leads to the collapse of a federal state

A. Weak central government
B. Absence of a confederal parliament
C. III-equipped armed forces
D. Absence of a ceremonil Head of state

Answer: A

In the presidential system of government. the chief executive is responsible to the

A. Judiciary
B. Monarch
C. Electorate
D. Senate

Answer: C

Which of the following alternatives is a feature of a federation

A. Unwritten constitution
B. Unicameral legislature
C. Supremacy of the constitution
D. Right to secede

Answer: C

A federal government is a form of

A. Decentralization
B. Centralization
C. Confederation
D. Revolution

Answer: A

To preserve individual liberties, the judiciary should

A. Consist of honest and impartial judges
B. Be appointed by the executive
C. Be prosecuted for judgement against the executive
D. Particpate in partisan politics

Answer: A

Citizens can seek redress against injustice from the state through the

A. Ombudsman
B. Head of civil service
C. Civil service commission
D. Titular executive

Answer: A

Which of these is NOT a source of revenue for the political parties

A. Dues
B. Grants
C. Tolls
D. Donations

Answer: C

Which of these functions is performed by both political parties and pressure groups

A. Interest aggregation and articulation
B. Sources of mediation in a state
C. Provision of specialized information
D. Seeking to manage affairs of a state

Answer: A

Pressure groups seek to influence the policies of a government

A. To the advantage of their members
B. So that all citizens can benefits
C. To suit the manifestoes of political parties
D. To conform with electoral act

Answer: A

Which of the following agencies helps the MOST in shaping public opinion

A. Pressure groups
B. Mass media
C. Colleges and Universities
D. Peer groups

Answer: B

Public opinion can be measured through all of the following EXCEPT the

A. Imposition of laws made without any debates
B. Conduct of opinion polls
C. General views expressed in the mass media
D. Holding of referedum in a state

Answer: A

On which of the following grounds can citizen abstain from voting

A. Religion
B. Education
C. Wealth
D. Status

Answer: D

An electoral system which allows party members to elect candidates for elective office is called

A. General election
B. By election
C. Direct election
D. Primary election

Answer: D

Indirect election is best described as

A. Only women electing legislators
B. The citizenry electing legislators
C. Electoral college electing legislators
D. Only Adults electing legislators

Answer: C

WAEC 2019 Government Theory Questions

1a) Define a society

1b) States and explains the functions of a society

2) What are the various means by which an individual can be a citizen of a country

3) Highlights five features of the Hausa/Fulani pre-colonial political system in Nigeria

4a) What is proto nationalism

4b) Identify four features of proto nationalism

5) Highlight Five functions of the President in the 1989 constitution of Nigeria

6) States Five obstacles to the implementation of the Economic Community of West Africans States (ECOWAS) aims and objectives.

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