Have you ever wondered if it would be possible for you to access your favourite institution with ease? Admission to the university is one of the most frequently discussed topics among admission seekers.

University Admission

You have read and heard from many people that admission to the university is almost impossible on the first try. Well, I did not understand it on the first try. However, it could be due to the fact that someone did not tell me what I needed to know about University admission.

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about the admission process of University and how you can be accepted this time by all means.

You may have encountered Frequently Asked Questions like (FAQ):

> How is the University admissions certificate cut off?

> How was it that I was above the cut-off mark, even though I was not allowed?

> I wrote very well, but it did not reflect my result, how is it?

> How can I score very high in JAMB?

You might also have come across common beliefs:

> It is very difficult to get in without bribery.

> Post-UTME is not sincere, they cheat people.

> Being admitted to the university is about luck, not hard work.

Whether federal, state or private university, earning is one of the main criteria for admission. Other yardsticks are catchment areas and educationally less developed states. Universities usually have two truncated markers, namely:

A. General Cut off Point:

This is the grade under which you can not obtain admission to study a course. It is 50% for the University of Benin and many other federal schools.

B. Departmental Cut off Point:

This exclusion limit is published each year by the departments and is based on student performance. It determines whether you are going to be admitted to study your desired degree program.

Some candidates who score less than the general cut-off but via the departmental cut-off marks are generally admitted to study courses related to their desired course.

The departmental cut off marks vary for the MERIT, catchment area and education less developed countries, but the performance is always higher for the merit. The catchment area of the school is the geographical area from which students can attend a local school.

You now understand how the University’s admissions cut off mark is achieved and why some candidates are not offered admission, even if they are above the general cut off Point.

Now let’s answer the remaining frequently asked question.


The need for a high JAMB value in your search for university admission cannot be overemphasized. The question is, how can I score very high in the Jamb 2018? The answers are:

  • Early preparations.
  • Get the right textbooks
  • Develop a learning habit.
  • Use past questions.
  • Identify your weakness.
  • Understand the association connection.
  • Learn the exam strategies
  • Study read.
  • To stay updated.
  • Learn basic concepts in computers.


Do not wait for the exams to complete before you start preparing. Early preparation gives you an advantage; do not think that there is still time.

Live your life with a sense of urgency. Have the mentality “I’m behind schedule”. Start putting goals because it gives you a strong direction to the exam.

Do you want to achieve 350+ in the post? Everything starts from now on. Remember that a man who does not plan indirectly plans to fail.

Joshua Abuwa said, “The problem with many young people today is that they have no visions, they only have a television”. In your search for a university entrance, what can you see? Your value in life is tied to the quality of your mind.


Empty the coins in your purse into your mind and your mind will fill your purse with gold. Reading quality books for your exam will give you nothing but quality levels.

There is a course description for each exam. This will take you to the topics and topics covered. It is important that you receive the books that cover the required topics and subtopics.

The Joint Admissions and Enrollment Committee (JAMB) usually recommend texts. Get them and start learning as soon as possible. You may wish to purchase Dandy English or New Testament of the English by Joseph Omofomah for your use of English. You can also click here for a list of Jamb recommended books.


Your habits determine your habitat. It is high time for you to develop solid learning habits. Need help? Here’s how to start. Make sure that you are physically, emotionally, and mentally relaxed before you study. The following study practices could be of great help.

  • Study in an environment that is best for you. It does not have to be really quiet; If a noisy area is okay for you, go along.
  • Read with revelation. Draw a plan of what you should achieve after graduation.
  • All materials that guarantee smooth learning must be ready to avoid searching in the middle of learning.
  • Get a jotter to write down salient facts.
  • Do not skip any part of the material if you do not understand it.
  • Prepare a curriculum and follow it one by one.
  • Prepare also a rest and recovery table. Funny?
  • Read the 10 things successful students do and
  • Learn how to always remember what you read


Past questions are the picture of the future. The future here speaks of the exam for which you are preparing. The study of past questions has a positive effect on your exam. If you treat the past year’s past question effectively there is 100% chance that you might see exactly the same question in the present examination. The importance of previous questions is that they help you:

  • Know the nature of the questions to be expected.
  • Identify the dark spots in your textbooks
  • Take note of the frequently asked questions.
  • Examine your level of preparation by getting yourself in the exam state.
  • Boost your confidence.

Note Most past questions in contains answers at the back. Do not check the answers before you solve the problems. Just make sure you understand the questions.


As I always say, “telling yourself the truth is honesty, but telling others is integrity.

Find out what works for you and what does not. Figure out that the topics and subjects you find are very easy to learn. In addition, do not run away from those who give you hard time.

Do everything possible to give them hard times too. Imagine you lose 80 points in mathematics just because you do not fall in love with it. Handle your weakness or your weakness will deal with you.


Who you associate with determines whether you will distance or appreciate yourself. There are people who contribute to your life, those who leave you, those who share, and those who multiply you.

They say show me your friends and I will tell you who you are

This saying is always very true in most cases because the kind of company you keep sometimes influence you negatively or positively. If you hang out with trash, you will always be perceived as trash. So if your aim is to be successful identify those who contribute to and multiply your success.

There is no place where you want to go, to which people did not go. Search for people whose realities are your dreams follows their footprint.


There are things that do not seem reasonable but are able to hold you accountable. Understand the following strategies:

  • Any question you do wrong, there are people who will do it right.
  • Some answers follow a pattern. This pattern can help you get the questions you do not know.
  • After every 30 minutes, go back to the questions that you think you answered to make sure you answered them correctly. Sometimes the brain is deceiving.
  • Increase your speed and leave no options blank.


No matter which motivational books you have read to test, the effectiveness of hard work cannot be overemphasized. Do not study for exams as you read newspapers. Get involved in your studies. Study, but study wisely.


Find out about the date and procedures for your exam. This point is very important. Always visit the official website of the schools you put in your Jamb to check for the latest news. This is so that you know when the school Post-UTME screening form is out. You can Always check our Admission Screening category for the latest news on screening form.


In this computer age, it is a must that you know how to operate computer confidently. Learn computers as most of your exams are computer-based. Make sure that you click on the answers and also confirm that you have actually ticked.

University entrance! University entrance !! Your university entrance is safe. Share with your friends. I would like to hear from you through the comment box below.

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