How To Write A Good Movie Review

A movie review is a general way for Censors to evaluate a movie general quality and decide whether or not the movie has a recommended worth.  A movie review is different from educated articles related to film in that they involve individual and idiosyncratic feedbacks to evaluate the movie through the movie review, as well as motives analyses of the movie both formal techniques and whether the content goes with the theme.

Movie Review


A movie review is written down for the following purposes:

  1. To hook the reader’s attention through the movie review.
  2. To take care of the commercial side of the movie.
  3. Summarization of Characters and plot lines.
  4. A key moment or idea in the film.
  5. For evaluating the movie.


Movie review has a tendency to be justly short (approximately 500 to 1200 words). The reviewer requires a lot of time to prepare before he or she starts writing.  Apart from viewing the movie, he or she may want to get a logic of the movie forms by the director, screen writer, actors, and actresses.  For instance, the reviewer might decide to watch other films by the same movie director or screen writer in order to have a perception about each of them and distinct style.  This will help the reviewer to analyze the movie and to know whether it is going to work as an extension and/or interference within the all-encompassing trends of the movie director’s or screen writer’s work within his/her movie review.


In order to have a successful movie review, the reviewer has to view the movie multiple times.  He or she has to Plan to watch the movie three or even four times.  The first viewing, the viewer has to bury himself without any distraction to the get the cinematic experience of the movie. We can say to get carried away in the film story and appreciate the film without nerve-racking about some critics you will eventually develop


The second viewing is for the viewer to try to distance him or herself from the movie plot and instead focus on other elements of the movie that are interesting and you can spot in the review. These elements can be separated into two main categories in your movie review:

  • formal techniques such as camera work, props and set, the genre, editing, costume, mise-en-scene, lighting, sound and plot lines.
  • Thematic content that goes with issues such as the past, rivalry, sexual category, sexuality, period, or the setting.  After the film has been viewed for the second time, careful notes about the formal techniques and thematic contents of the film should be taken inside the movie review.  Then attempt to create a central idea for your movie review that brings together the film’s formal and thematic elements.  If your second viewing does not take along a strong dominant claim for the movie review or if you need to take an additional note, you may have to watch the movie or parts of the movie for the third time.

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3. REFERENCE LIBRARY (if required)

  • Look for the film’s credits for you to have them in your movie review. Such as the movie director, producer, screen writer, director of photography, cast, etc. in your movie review. Their back ground information for them should also be available inside the reference books.
  • If the film is grounded on an actual person or happening, you may want to link the genuineness to the filmed version.
  • If any technical terms are being used, a film dictionary should be consulted. e.g. We have film technologies such as montage; long shot; zoom; close-up; panorama; series of shots, visual effect, slow motion; black out; fade; dissolve; fixed camera and super etc.


  • The movie sets should be put into consideration, its present TIME and PLACE must Be specific. The details that reveal the setting – set, makeup, costumes, and sets. Does the movie give a precise state of time and place?
  • What is the color of the film black or white or both? If there is any reason, state why it is important.
  • The important of the movie set as a whole? How does it relate to plot, character, and theme?

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  • Your movie review shouldn’t just be based on what took place in the film. Important turning-points in the film should be discussed. scenes that reveal character(s); the initial and concluding scenes and other of sub plots.
  • The film time frame can be discussed here also. If there are flashbacks, it should be indicated and the dream sequences? flash forwards etc.


Who are the main characters? What are their most important characters? How are they shown to you, such as the use of cameras, voice overs, through their actions, their appearance or their language? Who are the heroes and villains?


  • The visual images and symbols should be noted in the movie review.
  • How is music being used?
  • Camera and techniques in editing., special effects, sound effects, lighting should be discussed.


All the elements of the film should work together to lead you to the film’s theme and give you a well-structured movie review. 

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